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All contents of the www.ansa.it website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") such as news, photos, videos, data, sounds, trademarks, logos, domain names, application software, graphic layouts, etc. (hereinafter referred to as the "ANSA Content") and rights related to them are reserved, since they are part of Intellectual Property, to the Agenzia ANSA Cooperative Company (hereinafter referred to as ANSA) or its affiliates.

Users have the option of visiting the Site solely for purposes of consultation and personal information; any other use is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of ANSA. It is prohibited to use, directly or indirectly, the ANSA Content for any purpose relating to the development and training of any machine learning (“ML”) and artificial intelligence (“AI”) activities and technologies.

It is prohibited any access to or use (such as but not limited to reproduction, aggregation and archiving) of the Website and/or of the ANSA Content, for any systematic or automated activities related to text and/or data scraping, mining, extraction, aggregation, analysis, exploration or harvesting, through any “robot”, “bot”, “spider”, “scraper”, or any other automated device, program, technique, tool, process or method, carried out in order to create, develop, train, test, evaluate, modify, and/or support software, algorithms and machine learning/artificial intelligence models or for any other purpose.

Quoting, understood as links from sites external to the Website home page, deep linking understood as links to a page within the Website, framing understood as reproduction of contents, even partial, of the Website on third party websites are prohibited and may be permitted to potential interested parties only with prior written agreement with ANSA.

Therefore, Website contents may not be copied, reproduced, transferred, filed, published or distributed, in full or partially, without prior written consent from ANSA; only downloading and printing of the single extracts of information contents may be allowed for personal use.

The user interested in using the contents of the Website for editorial use or for publication on other telecommunication or paper headlines, or to access ANSA news information or, more in general, to take advantage of the commercial products offered by the same must agree to ANSA's terms and conditions of use in writing in advance.

For this purpose, the user can contact the Sales Department at the following address:
Commercial Division
Via della Dataria, 94
00187 Rome
Telephone No. 06/ 67741



ANSA strives to protect the interests, intellectual property and services provided by its collaborators and partners. If you have been contacted by PicRights on behalf of ANSA, please resolve the matter via the PicRights Resolution Portal using the reference number provided, or contact your ANSA account manager.