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Game-changing Public Transport: HOLON and Valtech Mobility join Forces


Game-changing Public Transport: HOLON and Valtech Mobility join Forces


Responsabilità editoriale di news aktuell

22 febbraio 2024, 14:00

news aktuell



PressRelease - Responsabilità editoriale di news aktuell

  • Long-term strategic partnership
  • Collaboration on fully autonomous, comfortable, inclusive and sustainable public transport
  • Joint development of cloud platform for HOLON Mover

The Germany-based mobility experts HOLON and Valtech Mobility announced their strategic partnership today.

The common objective of HOLON, a subsidiary of the BENTELER Group specializing in the development and industrialization of autonomous movers, and Valtech Mobility, a leading provider of digital solutions for the mobility industry, is to significantly advance the digital transformation of public transport.

The initial focus of this partnership is the development of the cloud platform for the HOLON Mover, a fully autonomous vehicle for use in public transport. The collaboratively developed platform serves as the central hub for vehicle operations, facilitating communication between various stakeholders such as infotainment systems, real-time tracking for operators, and passenger interactions with the HOLON Mover.

By offering an on-demand service model alongside traditional line traffic, users can summon the Mover to meet their transportation needs. This not only enhances the convenience of public transport but also contributes to sustainability by operating on electric power, ensuring (local) emissions-free journeys within local communities.

Equipped with features such as an automatic ramp, securing systems, Braille and audiovisual communication options, the HOLON Mover is designed to provide inclusive access to mobility solutions for everyone. With a total capacity of up to 15 passengers, including seating for ten individuals, the vehicle can accommodate diverse passenger needs, including those requiring wheelchair or stroller access.

Valtech Mobility will play a key role as the software partner for cloud development, service creation, and integration support for third-party entities. The Munich-based company will be involved in every stage of the process – from conceptualization to product deployment and ongoing software updates – ensuring a seamless, safe and future-proof outcome.

Interview: HOLON and Valtech Mobility on their joint work on the HOLON Mover

"We are delighted to announce our new long-term partnership with such a visionary partner like HOLON and hope that with our digital expertise, we can contribute to improving sustainable urban mobility, enhancing customer experience, and discovering new ways to navigate urban spaces," said Norman Palmhof, Management Board Valtech Mobility.

"The partnership with Valtech is of strategic importance to us. The specific know-how that Valtech contributes in the areas of cloud and backend systems offers significant added value - both for the product design and, above all, for the passenger, who receives a comfortable and intuitive mobility solution. We look forward to working together with our partner to further drive the series development and industrialization of our Mover," said Dr. Henning von Watzdorf, CEO HOLON.

For more information please visit:

About HOLON: HOLON is a subsidiary of BENTELER. With well-founded know-how in automotive technology and industrialization as well as the continuous implementation of new technologies for electromobility, the company develops autonomous movers for the vehicle market of the future. To do this, HOLON works with technology companies, local public transport companies and mobility-as-a-service providers.

About Valtech Mobility:

Valtech Mobility is a joint venture company of the Volkswagen Group and the digital agency Valtech. Valtech Mobility is a leading global supplier of connected services with a specific focus on the cloud and software development for the connected car. Valtech Mobility has a team of 500+ automotive experts that work in the area of vehicle software, cloud software and related products and services such as e-mobility, business process re-engineering, UI-UX development, cloud management and more. Valtech Mobility manages more than 50 services in 370 versions – in an ecosystem with more than 30 million connected cars in 64 markets and over 20 device generations.

PressRelease - Responsabilità editoriale di news aktuell

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